Cook very special eggs with this trick.

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So you have never seen your breakfast egg! It looks like a conventional egg from the outside. But it is not what it seems: there is a surprise under the shell.
With this trick you bring a lot of variety to your plate. Because this egg has turned around as if by magic: the egg yolk is on the outside and the egg inside. As you get this amazing transformation yourself, we show you this ingenious trick.

You need these things for this:

1 egg

duct tape

a nylon pantyhose

a flashlight

a pot

1 ice cubesLight with a flashlight through the raw egg. When the beam shines brightly through the clear protein, the uncooked egg is ready for its transformation.

2 Wrap the entire egg with tape. This will provide the necessary stability you need for further steps.

3 Put the egg in a pantyhose. Attach it, for example with a knot on one side and a tie wire on the other side. So you can easily remove it from the nylon legs later.

4 Take both ends of the pantyhose and fling the egg around its own axis. This is by far the funniest part of this brilliant trick! Just make sure that the nylon does not slip out of your hands, otherwise there will be a glib surprise!

5 Light the flashlight again through the egg. This time, however, the light should not shine through: For now the yolk has wandered outwards and the transparent egg white of the uncooked ice into the middle. If the beam is still going through the egg, it probably takes a few more rounds with the pantyhose sling.

6 Boil the egg. Take it out of the pantyhose first, but leave the tape around it. Put it in a saucepan and heat the water until it almost boils. Rotate the egg constantly while it is in the pot. After 10 to 15 minutes, turn off the heat and let the egg rest for another 5 minutes. Then quickly put it in a bowl of ice water to quench it.

7 Enjoy your meal! Take the egg out of its ice bath and peel it out of the bowl. Now cut once and voilá: finished is your wrong egg! Tastes like a normal egg, just somehow reversed.

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