Remove stains from the carpet with this trick.

Carpets are not only an adornment for every living room and give it its coziness. Especially in cooler seasons, they ensure that the heat in the room is better stored and you do not get cold feet. But unlike a hard ground, you also have the problem that it is difficult to fight dirt. Especially if the carpet is contaminated with liquids. Often you have to hire a lot of money for a specialist cleaning so as not to damage the expensive piece in an amateurish solo effort. But with these 9 professional tricks you just remove everything yourself. Even bad smells. And so gentle that guaranteed nothing can go wrong.
It is actually quite logical, but rubbing and rubbing the dirt is only in the carpet. Therefore you dabbed the dirt generally in carpet. Even if it takes longer.

Shaving foam is a real insider tip against stains of all kinds. Just let soak in for 30 minutes and then wipe away the dirt. Finish with a 1: 1 mixture of water and vinegar essence to work the stain. This method works even with grease stains.

Anyone who freezes chewing gum with an ice cube can subsequently remove the solidified piece of chewing gum from the carpet without any problems.

Getting wax out of a carpet is anything but easy – unless you know this trick. About the wax comes a white towel (unlike in the picture), then put the iron on it. No more than 30 seconds, otherwise you can damage the carpet with heat. The wax gets hot and the towel absorbs it. Then you can soak up the rest with a paper towel by laying it over the wax and then put it back on the iron for a few moments.

For blood stains, first mix water with a mild detergent. Then let act hydrogen peroxide: do not startle, in contact with the blood it starts to foam. At the end you only have to dab the foam with a paper towel.

If the four-legged love has accidentally perpetuated on the carpet, only an organic cleaner will help. He works better in this case than the chemical club. As always, spray in here and dab with a towel.

To remove shards, you should brush over the carpet. This is how the small fragments come to the surface. For large pieces, one can carefully press a piece of bread onto the place where the pieces remain hanging. For the small splinters you take a vacuum cleaner.

When coffee runs over the carpet, first remove as much liquid as possible with a towel. Then mix 1 tablespoon of dish soap and 1 tablespoon of vinegar essence with two cups of warm water and add a little of it over the place of the accident. It is allowed to act for a few moments and then repeats the process and dabs everything until the stain disappears.

If all stains are removed, there remains one problem: the smell. Over time, carpets smell a bit unpleasant. The best trick: baking soda or soda. The longer the powder can act, the better it works, so it’s best to spread it generously over the carpet at night. The baking powder removes the odors. After that it only means: vacuuming and done!

The idea with the wax is awesome. Share these great carpet tricks that will benefit everyone in cleaning.