10 tricks that will please any hobby gardener.

Spring is in full swing and with it the time for gardening. With these 10 brilliant tricks you can make the perfect start to the good season. Even if you should not be blessed with a green thumb – thanks to these tips, everything sprouts and thrives on its own.

1 Use toilet paper rolls to make biodegradable flower tubs for your seedlings. Simply cut one end of the roll, fold it over and fill it with soil.

2 You want to improve the taste of your homegrown tomatoes? Then add baking powder to the earth: this makes the tomatoes sweeter.

3 Store your garden tools in a pot of sand. So they will not rust.

4 Preserve herbs by freezing them in ice cube containers with a little water. In this way you have already portioned them perfectly for cooking.

5 Put a dash of vodka in the vase with your cut flowers. That’s right! In celebratory mood, your flowers will not come with it, but they stay fresh longer.

6 Make a sweet flowerpot out of an old lemon peel. Simply hollow out, drill a hole in the bottom of the shell, fill with soil and plant the seedling.

7 You can also use old eggshells as a pot and plant wheatgrass, for example. Especially at Easter a great idea.

8 Do not throw away old coffee grounds, but enrich your potting soil. This works as a fertilizer and keeps away even pests.

9 Put a diaper in your flowerpots. In this way, the potting soil remains moist for longer.

10 Use banana peels as rose fertilizer. The shell contains a lot of potassium, which nourishes the roses and protects them from diseases.

Thanks to these tips from the garden bag of tricks, the summer can come!