Fold T-Shirts easily with this trick.

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You always think, just like putting T-shirts together, it’s the only true method. Until you meet someone who says otherwise. And then there are discussions. One thing is certain: anyone who knows this trick is on the safe side. Because this is not only interesting for T-shirt scientists, but for anyone who would like to save time. There is no method that works so fast and at the same time folds shirts as perfectly as this one:

First, put the T-shirt on a flat surface in front of you and smooth it for a while.

Then you make two lines in your mind. One goes down from the neck on the side straight, the other runs transversely in the middle. Now you have 3 points, namely B, A and C.

Then you grab B and A with one hand and hold the points.

With the hand that holds B, go to point C. With the other hand you still hold point A and stay where you are.

Then you lift the T-shirt up short, shake once and put it down.

And now you just have to kill it again. 

The whole lasts just 3 seconds and you’re done! And once you get it started, it goes by itself and without thinking.

This is not just handy for home, but also for showing off. Because it is so fast, that you almost can not follow it. You can use it in the morning and in the evening, if you put away laundry, or directly after ironing. And so saves the sometimes a little annoying meticulous folding.

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