With this simple Tesa trick, there’s the perfect bouquet.

We all know the little problem: You get some flowers for the apartment (or even get them in the ideal case) and all the vases you have are much too big. The stems are simply lost in it. But with this little trick, even the smallest bouquet suddenly looks great.

Then you take a roll of Tesa film and glue three stripes over the opening of the vase. Try to keep the same distance wherever possible.

The same thing happens again in a different direction, so across it. Again three strips of adhesive, again at the same distance from each other.

After that, your result should look something like this. This little grid will later be the stand aid for your flowers.

And right now comes the grand entrance of your flowers. Before that, cut the stems a bit obliquely, so you have some of it longer. And then…

… you distribute the individual flower stems in the self-made grid. Ideally, each box contains a flower. So the splendor unfolds best.

When you have reached the last flowers, try to place them in such a way that any empty spaces are filled up elegantly. You can also rearrange individual stems at any time for an even more voluminous effect.

And so your work looks like in the end. Even a few flower stems now look as if they were a huge bouquet.

Here again a before-after comparison. In addition to chrysanthemums, roses are perfect for this trick. All a matter of skillful distribution …

With this really simple, but all the more effective trick you bring springlike shine in your apartment. Share it with everyone else!