Vinegar is a true all-rounder and a valuable home-help.

Vinegar is a true all-rounder, not just in lentil soup or salad. With vinegar you can master very cheap and without chemical club all sorts of things in the household. The smell is a bit biting at first, but disappears after a short time. It is always healthier than the chemical club. There are a few suggestions for the use of vinegar here, but the list is endless.

1) Household cleaner

You can easily mix a multi-purpose household cleaner yourself: add 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water to a spray bottle, add a splash of detergent – and you’re done.

2) Descale the kettle

The kettle or coffee maker can be decalcified with vinegar water. Simply boil and let stand for persistent contamination for several hours. After that you should operate the devices at least once with clear water, to be sure that no smell and taste remains.

Even calcified fittings can be cleaned with the self-mixed cleaner from item 1.

3) Clogged drain

If the drain is blocked, it is often not due to hair, but to scraps of food, soap and fat, which have settled. In that case, you save the chemical hammer when you boil vinegar, pour into the drain and let it work for 10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Repeat process if necessary.

4) Refrigerator

If you have defrosted the refrigerator, you should (especially in the freezer compartment) wipe the walls with vinegar water. This prevents the formation of new ice.

5) Bread box

If you wipe your bread box every 1-2 weeks with vinegar water, the formation of mold is prevented and the bread stays fresh longer.

6) cook eggs

Eggs do not burst during cooking when there is a splash of vinegar in the cooking water.

7) Clean windows

With vinegar water windows can be cleaned streak-free. After brushing with vinegar water, rinse again with clean water and a fresh cloth and everything shines fresh spring.

8) Stink in the house

Unpleasant odors such as cold smoke, disappear thanks to vinegar, if you have in the living room an open cup of vinegar water. This works in the fridge if you have cleaned it before.

9) Fresh flowers

Cut flowers stay fresh and beautiful longer if you add some vinegar and a little sugar to the water in the vase.

10) Dirty pan

If the frying pan or pot is no longer properly cleaned by normal washing, you can cook a cup of water with a cup of vinegar for about 5 minutes. That solves the dirt.

11) Remove rust

Rusty metal, such as pruning shears, you get clean again when you rub it with undiluted vinegar. You can also put the items in vinegar overnight and then wipe them off the next day.

12) shoes

With a damp cloth soaked in vinegar you get unpleasant odors from shoes. Extra tip for the winter: unsightly road salt edges can also wipe off.

13) felt-tip pens

Dried felt-tip pens can be made to paint again with vinegar. Either drip a few drops from behind on the mine or dip the front end of the mine in vinegar for a while.

One should not be blinded by the variety in the drugstore – most things can still be done just as well with ancient home remedies.