Heavenly fragrances: air fresheners simply homemade!

With this simple guide, you can quickly make a freshener that is not only chic, but with which you will always have your favorite scent around you.

For that we need:

A fragrance essence, for example lemon oil (buy here)
nice piece of fabric
small bowl of baking soda
rubber band
pair of scissors
plastic bowl
First place the plastic bowl on a piece of cloth and paint the circular shape with the pencil about 1 cm from the edge.

With a pair of scissors you can now orientate yourself on the line and cut a circular piece out of the fabric.

In the plastic bowl you give the soda and some spit of the essence in his favorite fragrance. Of course, combinations, such as lavender and rose. There are no limits to creativity here.

Finally, you put the fabric over the bowl and put a rubber band over it, so that the fabric sits tight. Alternatively it works with a string.

Now you make with the tip of a knife still small holes in the fabric, so that the fragrance can spread better.

And so you have an air freshener that draws unpleasant odors thanks to the Natrons from the air and enriched with the essences of the air to a pleasant scent.