Simply clean the fridge with soda.

Our grandmothers have still sworn on home remedies. The ingenious thing about them is that everyone has them at home and, above all, that they can be cleaned very gently with them. Because here no chemicals attack the material that you want to clean.

Here are 24 indispensable tricks with 6 different home remedies:

Salt (preferably coarse-grained)
Vinegar essence
bicarbonate of soda
Essential oils
Vegetable oil (like olive oil for example)

Simply clean the fridge with soda.

Degrease pans. In order to get the fat out of the pan after frying, you do not have to use dishwashing liquid right away. Simply add salt to the pan and then wipe with a paper towel.

Clean the oven. Dripping cheese down to the bottom of the oven while making pizza can make it work later. However, if you put some salt and cinnamon on the places where the oven is still hot, then later, when everything is dry, you can easily wipe everything away or scratch it away with a brush.


Simply clean the fridge with soda.

Clean joints. As much as the tiles are polished, the joints in between become darker and darker over the years. White as on the first day, joints are scrubbed with a toothbrush and vinegar.

Eliminate kitchen odors. The only argument against preparing your own fish at home is the unpleasant odors that remain in the air for days on end. However, if you place a bowl of vinegar over the stove, you will not have this problem because the vinegar will neutralize these odors.

Clean the kettle. After some time, you may find white flakes in his hot-brewed water from the kettle. Who now cleans his kettle, likes to abstain from the chemical nuggets, because they do not want to drink the next few times when tea. Instead, add 2 cups of vinegar and 2 cups of water to the kettle and cook for 5 minutes. Now it is only allowed to move in overnight, then it can be poured out the next day and wiped off the remains with a sponge.


Simply clean the fridge with soda.

Super Stain Remover. For whom the knees of the lawn and the earth have become dirty because of sport, the problem is: you just can not get away from the dark places. Here it helps to add some soda into the washing powder at the next wash and the problem will resolve itself.

The deodorant for everything. Soda neutralizes odors. Whether in the fridge, garbage can, in drains or dishwashers, just everywhere. Be sure to try!


Simply clean the fridge with soda.

Remove water stains. With shower doors one knows that from painful experience: The water spots make the glass cloudy. But with half a lemon you can rub them away. And then it smells wonderfully fresh.

Eliminate skin odors. Who cooks knows the problem. Because after all the nipples your hands can smell. Wise is who dips his hands in lemon water afterwards. This neutralises all odors.

Pimp your dish soap : Your dish soap does not really bring it? Mix a little bit of lemon juice, which gives the dish soap extra power.


Simply clean the fridge with soda.

Improve air. Instead of scented candles, you can also add a few drops of an essential oil in a squeeze bottle with water and spray a few times in the air. This is not only good for the humidity, but also for the smell.

Remove clothing stains. Simply put a few drops of an essential oil on the stain, let it soak in and then wash it as normal.

Dishwashing detergent. If you love the scent of, for example, lavender, you can add 30 drops of the corresponding essence to half a liter of scent-free liquid soap. And already the dishes smell of the favorite smell.


Simply clean the fridge with soda.

Make your shoes shine. Who has leather shoes, may be happy, because he no longer needs to buy extra polishes. Oil not only makes the leather softer and thus acts brittle, but also makes the leather shine.

Get off labels. For example, those who despair of adhesive labels on cups or dishes after purchase do not need to maltreat their fingernails while trying to scrub them off. Better to put some oil on the spot, so that removes a sticker almost by itself.

Polish metal. Just a few drops are enough to bring metal to shine. This not only saves money, but is also the most natural and therefore the most suitable remedy, especially for cutlery and other items that are used for eating.

Alone on their own, these inconspicuous household remedies have a lot on them. But what happens if you combine them and compete against dirt and co together?


Simply clean the fridge with soda.

Polish the silver. It looks very chic and antique when the silver earrings have started, but fresh shiny they are a beautiful eye-catcher. Simply leave the jewelry and silver for 2 or 3 hours in a mixture of half a cup of vinegar essence and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Then wash only with cold water and dry. Shine!


Simply clean the fridge with soda.

Glass cleaner. In the same ratio, mix lemon juice and vinegar essence to perfectly clean windows. It is especially good if you wipe the whole with (not colored) newsprint.


Simply clean the fridge with soda.

Clean hard floors : If only Cinderella had known about it. Mix ¼ cup of vinegar essence in a bucket of warm water and add another 10 drops of essential oil. The floors will not only shine, but also spread a pleasant fragrance. How to get parquet clean is here:


Simply clean the fridge with soda.

Polish wooden furniture or wooden floors. Maybe you know that from grandma. Mix 2 parts of olive oil with a portion of lemon water and then polish the furniture with a piece of cloth. Of course, the whole thing works wonderfully on parquet.


Simply clean the fridge with soda.

Clean the sink. The sink actually has stains all the time. It’s best to remove it with salt and lemon. This trick can also be used to brush chrome, copper or brass. Without any corrosive chemicals.

From 6 home remedies make 24 household tips. It is hardly possible to be more efficient. And the best part is that you do not get in touch with chemistry, but just let nature do it.

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