Get beds faster with “rollmops trick”.

Do you bother getting into your bed that much? Especially for larger ceilings, this can really degenerate into stress. High time that there is a trick that saves time and nerves. Here we show you how to do it fast.
Turn your duvet cover to the left (so the inside faces out) and spread it out on the bed. The foot end is below.

Then you put your blanket exactly on it and start to roll it up from the headboard along with the cover.

You always change the page. This way even larger comforters can be rolled up evenly.

When you have reached the bottom of the foot, you turn the cover back to the “right” side and put the roll in as if you were going to wrap it up with the cover.

Now the buttons or the zipper are closed, depending on the model. Then you switch to the other side and repeat the last two steps. 

So: put the cover over the blanket roll from the open end, turning it to the right. Then close the button placket or zipper.