23 useful lifehacks with clothespins.

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Clothespins can be found in almost every household – even if they are not always used to hold wet laundry: one pinches his nose when he brings the garbage out, the other nibbles it in his ear when he’s about to grab it Falling asleep at office work.

But joking aside, the following tricks really provide you with valid reasons to upgrade your stock . Because the handy clips are available in all sorts of everyday situations, whether in the bathroom, in the kitchen or in the garden. Even if you get over the crafting, you have a great material for creative ideas with clothespins.

1.) With this make-up and jewelry shelf you may feel like a diva.

2.) In the bathroom, it can quickly become a mess. With the brackets everyone knows which towel is his.

3.) With this gimmick you always have the bed sheet in the right size at hand.

4.) A neckerchief wardrobe – and never again do they get tangled up in a box or slip off the hanger.

5.) Clothes that slip off the hanger are also helped quickly.

6.) For fairy lights you do not have to attach hooks.

7.) On the buffet table the labels provide orientation.

8.) In the garden you always know what you have planted where.

9.) The work gloves are perfectly sorted by size and application.

10.) In the cleaning cabinet, small parts are not easy. Some clothespins on the cabinet door save them from disappearing.

11.) Lonely sock seeks partner.

12.) Chopstick meal for beginners: Simply transform the leg spring of the clothespin.

13.) Little tinkering by the way, if you have to bridge the time with children once.

14.) For this cute mobile you need nothing more than clothespins and ice stalks. More craft ideas with clothespins you will find in this post .

15.) When driving a car you should always have your (sun) glasses at hand.

16.) Wollreste can be collected for the creative remainder utilization .

17.) In the office, clothespins bring light into the darkness of the cable.

18.) Is the clip of the battery light unusable, the clothespin will already regulate.

19.) Never again fish the wooden spoon from the tomato sauce!

20.) Better you can not keep his sensitive brush.

21.) A “musical” clipboard in the hall holds everything important, such as notes, letters or concert tickets.

22.) The reusable advent calendar.

23.) With this loving wedding greeting, you put the icing on the cake with your money gift .

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