Life hacks and funny gadgets for your bathroom.

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Whether shower gel from the nose or the practical faucet extender: With our bathroom tips you will find everything.

1 Ingenious and yet super-easy: For the very little ones who have not yet come to the water. ( Buy here. )

2 Flood at home: The own waterfall in the bathtub. ( Buy here. )

3 Never bump again: protect babies from the hard edges of the faucet and look pretty. ( Buy here.)

4 Pinch your toothpaste properly. ( Buy here. )

5 This cowboy gives everything he has in him – your toothpaste every morning. ( Buy here. )

6 In one hand the children, the toothbrush, the razor? No problem, with this soap dispenser you can easily supply one hand. ( Buy here. )

7 Play Iceberg in your bathtub and let the Titanic sink. ( Buy here. )

8 No zoo, but almost – animals with built-in temperature display, can be mounted on the tap. ( Buy here. )

9 Your tub stopper drowns! Or he wants a high-five. ( Buy here. )

10 The eye-catcher for bathroom decoration: In this beautifully designed cube is now your toilet paper. ( Buy here. )

11 Toilet paper from the dog’s kennel – the eye-catcher on the toilet par excellence. ( Buy here. )

12 Or is it allowed to be a long tongue? Just pull, he’ll be happy when he gets rid of it. ( Buy here. )

13 If the lady of the house wants to shave, she can park her foot here. ( Buy here. )

14 Take your iPad with you and play your favorite music over the speakers in the curtain. It is hardly possible to be madder. ( Buy here .)

15 This nose runs shower gel out of the holes. The eye-catcher in every bathroom. ( Buy here. )

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