These fruit tricks save time and nerves in the kitchen.

Eating is one of the nicest things out there. In ancient times, it was still called “food to survive.” At least since the era of the Italian “Dolce Vita”, eplaces is called in our latitudes: “Live to eat. ” Cooking shows are being broadcast all over the television, our new pop stars are chefs with their own shows and never before have so many cookbooks been published as in the last years. Here are 21 brilliant tricks from the kitchen universe. They are all about fruit.

Banana ice cream:

Ingeniously simple: peel bananas and cut into pieces. Then freeze. When they are frozen, take off in the blender with an idea of ​​water. Finished is probably the healthiest and purest fruit ice cream in the world.

Vitamin C bomb for in between:

From untreated organic lemons you can cut off the shell and freeze. Whenever necessary, you can add a mild-tasting vitamin C kick to your salads, teas or juices. The shell is pure vitamin C.

Up to 40% more lemon juice:

First put the lemon in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. Then you can squeeze them to the last drop with a spaghetti tongs.

So apple pieces do not turn brown:

2 tablespoons of honey are mixed with a cup of water. Insert the apples so that the surface is covered by them. After that you can keep them in the air for a long time, without them turning brown.

See at a glance if the avocado is ripe:

You just take off the shoot. If it’s green underneath, the avocado will still be good. Brown means the avocado is also brown on the inside and already overripe.

How avocados do not turn brown after opening:

You should definitely leave the core inside if you keep a sliced ​​avocado in the fridge. Through the core, the avocado does not turn brown. Incidentally, the same applies to guacamole. When the guacamole is ready, put the core back in and remove it, if you like, just before eating. So the guacamole is guaranteed not brown!

A hollowed out watermelon:

It is the perfect shell to decorate decorative fruits. Or a great container for a fruit punch.

Watermelon all year:

Even watermelons can be frozen. So even in winter you can make wonderful drinks with this summer fruit.

Orange peels with a difference:

They can be used as candles. Its scent makes it cozy in winter when it is snowing outside.

Remove strawberry leaves:

The small leaves on the strawberry can be easily removed with a straw.

Frozen grapes:

They are great snacks. You can also use them to cool wine without diluting it.

Peel bananas properly:

This is the easiest way to open bananas. Incidentally, the monkeys do the same thing.

Eat pomegranate:

The easiest way to get the seeds of a pomegranate is to cut it in half and then simply beat it with a wooden spoon.

Simply make dried fruit yourself:

This is especially healthy and also very easy. Just let the fruits dry in the oven at 50-70 degrees Celsius. (Behind the fruits the indication of the duration in hours is noted.)

Sweet Dreams:

The enjoyment of fresh apple juice before going to sleep is supposed to provide for living dreams.

This is the best way to cut up a mango:

1 First cut the mango along the kernel in half. 2. You cut each half horizontally and vertically into the shell. 3. By pressing on the back of the shell, these cubes are created, which you can easily remove by hand.

Peel tangerine very lightly:

A very decorative way to cut and offer a mandarin.

These wonderful fruit ideas will definitely help many hobby cooks.