With this trick from the kitchen your fruit salad is ready in a few minutes.

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Vitamins are vital to strengthen the body’s defenses and stay healthy. Sometimes you have the fruit basket full of healthy things, but the annoying peeling is still to come. Here I show you a trick how to get kiwis, mangos and avocados in record time from the shell.

All you need is a glass of water.

First cut the kiwi in half.

Then take a glass of water and push the kiwi on the edge close to the skin in the glass.

If you have made a two centimeters, keep pressing while turning the kiwi slightly. So you can finally skin them completely.

Finished! Perfectly peeled and ready for further processing.

The same goes for course with an avocado.

Schwuppdiwupp freed from the shell. This saves valuable time in the kitchen. And it’s that easy. Try a mango too!

Since I know this trick, fruit salad is on the menu at least once a week. And from the avocados you can conjure up delicious guacamole, which goes well with nachos and tortillas. Healthy and fast.

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