Four guys are out playing golf

Four guys are out playing golf when they come to a short par-3 hole. Two of them hit their tee shots onto the green,

but the other two slice their tee shots way out into the woods. The two guys on the green sink their putts, and then they wait for their friends. And wait, and wait.

Finally one of them says, “I’m going to walk back down the fairway and see what’s keeping them.”

So he walks back down the fairway and off into the woods, and then he finds his friends. But they both have their clothes off, and one of them has the other one bent over a log, and is humping him!

He’s shocked and yells out, “Fred, what the Hell do you think you’re doing??”

Both guys are startled and the one on top points at the other one, and says, “Um…he had a heart attack!”

Their friend says, “A heart attack? Then why didn’t you give him mouth-to-mouth?”

And Fred says, “I did! How do you think all this got started?”