These handy gadgets should be your help in your kitchen.

It’s the little things in the kitchen that can help the most – how much spaghetti for one person, how many for two? And where do I actually put down my wooden spoon? Clever people have thought about these little difficulties – and solved them. Look at these little kitchen gadgets that will make your life in the kitchen suddenly much easier.

1 For easy draining, this pot has holes. ( Buy here. )

2 The folding cheese grater is easy and quick to stow. ( Buy here. )

3 This measuring cup can easily be pressed together – so it fits in every column. ( Buy here. )

4 How much spaghetti do I need for a serving? No problem at all with this spaghetti measure. ( Buy here. )

5 A yin-and-yang kitchen bowl where your cereal is guaranteed not to get soggy. ( Buy here. )

7 Handy and ingeniously simple: Use the dough dispenser to dice the dough precisely. ( Buy here. )

8 Where to go with the wooden spoon? With this clamp you can always clamp the wooden spoon securely to your pot. ( Buy here. )

9 Small dip-clips: Just tack on it and you’re done. No more mess on the plate. ( Buy here. )

10 Pull-on and put away: Practical closures keep everything delicious fresh and protected. ( Buy here. )

11 No more garbage when nibbling: pods simply in the container under the shell – and garbage is disposed of in no time. ( Buy here. )

12 Fill this dough dispenser quickly, without smudging or smearing, and knowing exactly how much you have to fill now. Ingeniously simple! ( Buy here. )

13 A shelf for the oven to create more space.

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