With these tricks you can make Lego Deco your home.

LEGO is probably in every household. Either you still have some plastic stones from his childhood in the house or the children play with it. But you can do so much more than just play. You just have to come to that. These 16 tricks help to give LEGO a whole new dimension.
1.) With this cheerful helper you have no more cable mess at your desk.

2.) So incredibly easy is a key board at hand. And with LEGO you can just get stuck. Thanks to the colored pendants, everyone immediately recognizes his key. That you did not get it on yourself …

3.) Here is the slightly more colorful version.

4.) Cable holder and key holder can even be wonderfully combined. And it always looks good

5.) With this brilliantly simple trick, the photographer never loses neither the protective cap. Just click on the collar of the camera.

6.) Who wants to loosen up his business look or the suit, can use Lego pieces as cufflinks. The envious glances of others are certain.

7.) A gift can be wonderfully packaged in a Lego gift box. It will probably cause greater enthusiasm than anything in it.

8.) Freshly in love? When you unite these partnerships, you have the symbol of your love.

9.) Toilet male / female with a difference.

10.) When the soap dispenser looks like this, children always want to wash their hands. And in the bathroom it gets a bit more colorful.

11.) This Lego lamp makes a very special light. And the design is left to your imagination.

12.) The domestic wildlife can be enriched with Lego. Whether in the aquarium or in the hamster cage.

13.) Here the iPhone can dock. This is only the basic version.

14.) Real professionals have for their smartphone a deluxe stand like this one.

15.) The knives are not for children’s hands. But the toy of the little ones is quite useful here.

16.) The best trick with Lego is still: Play! That’s the creativity, big and small children are busy and the rest can take care of the household in peace. Or just switch off.

Some things are really great, the key board did it to me the most. So easy and so good. Share these tricks for everyone.