Cornflour can bind more than just gravy.

Cornflour may not be exactly a product that everyone in the house has. But there are so many uses that it is well worth putting a box on the shelf.

1.) Help with sunburn:

Applying a cornstarch and water pulp to the irritated areas helps to significantly reduce the pain. Incidentally, this also helps with insect bites and stings.

2.) Squeaky floors:

When floors (eg laminate) squeak, it helps to scatter some of the starch and then sweep it. The strength penetrates into all the small spaces and prevents the sounds.

3.) Safe fingers colors:

From cornstarch, water and food coloring you can easily make finger paints for the little ones. Simply mix the starch and water together and then boil gently. Always stir. Then place in small containers and drizzle with different food colors and stir. These colors are absolutely harmless – both for the kids and for the decor.

4.) Scrambled eggs:

If you add some cornflour when stirring in the scrambled eggs, it will be very loose and fluffy.

5.) Deodorant:

Powdered under the arms, the starch binds moisture and odors.

6.) Remove grease stains:

If you have a grease stain on the carpet, for example, you can add some cornstarch and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then just vacuum away.

7.) stains on leather:

If you have a fresh grease stain on the leather jacket, add cornstarch and let it work overnight. Drain the next morning with a damp kitchen towel and the stain is gone.

8.) Miracle Babypopo:

A bit of cornstarch in the bathwater gently helps the sensitive, irritated skin to heal.

9.) Greasy hair:

If your hair is greasy, but you do not have time to wash it, cornstarch helps as a dry shampoo. Apply to the scalp and massage briefly into the hair, then brush out. The bacon is gone. The method can also be used without risk in the pet.

10.) Clean windows without streaks:

If you put a teaspoon of cornstarch into the bucket when cleaning the windows, the panes will be cleaned without streaks. The starch serves as a very gentle scouring agent.

11.) Sauce binder:

The best known application of cornstarch is certainly as a sauce binder. A classic.

12.) Clean silver:

A thin paste of cornflour and water is a great and natural polish for silver.

13.) Musty books:

Old books are a great thing, but the musty-musty smell is often really uncomfortable. If you sprinkle cornflour over it, let it work in and later knock it off or brush it out, the smell is much lower.

14.) Spray strength:

Mix 1 tablespoon of cornstarch with water and bring to a boil, then add a teaspoon of vinegar and, if desired, a few drops of aromatic oil. Done is a natural spray strength for the laundry.

15.) Bad smells:

Food flavor helps with odors in shoes as well. Just sprinkle in the shoe and knock on the next morning. The smell was simply absorbed.

It is always nice that there are so many home remedies that can help in all circumstances. So you can often do without chemical cleaner etc. Share these household tips with anyone who likes to be more natural.