15 problems that you can solve with a foldback bracket.

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You use foldback brackets to staple paper or index cards? They may be very useful for that, but their potential is far from exhausted. Because these practical helpers can do much more than that! We’ll show you how to use the good old foldback clip to solve 15 annoying everyday problems.

1) Let the rinse sponges dry faster

15 problems that you can solve with a foldback bracket.

If the rinse sponge can not dry properly, there is nothing to prevent the multiplication of bacteria. To counteract this, a foldback bracket is ideal. Simply clamp the sponge in a mounted clamp and the support surface is already so small that it can dry quickly and completely from all sides.

2) Attach garbage bag

15 problems that you can solve with a foldback bracket.

Who does not know that? The garbage bag does not stop where it should. He is constantly dissolving on one side. But even for this problem, the foldback bracket offers a solution. For this, only one clip must be attached to both sides of the garbage bag and then it holds bombproof!

3) Hang up the rubber gloves

15 problems that you can solve with a foldback bracket.

The next cleaning action is pending, but where are your rubber gloves again? In order to avoid having to ask this question in the future, you can hang your rubber gloves on a hook on the inside of the cabinet door, using a foldback clip.

4) Keep tea bags in the cup while drinking

15 problems that you can solve with a foldback bracket.

Many of us love the intense aroma of the tea when it is in the cup for longer than the specified time. But it is always annoying when the teabag slips back and forth while drinking. To prevent this, it is sufficient to fix the tea bag with the help of a foldback clip on the cup. This trick also works with teapots, because the foldback clip prevents the teabag and its shield from falling into the hot water.

5) Keep freezer bags organized in the freezer

15 problems that you can solve with a foldback bracket.

This trick is especially handy! To make room in the freezer, you can easily hang the frozen fruits and vegetables using a foldback clamp. This means that further food can be stored underneath the bags.

6) Stack bottles in the refrigerator

15 problems that you can solve with a foldback bracket.

Just as space saving is this trick! This will allow you to stack bottles in the fridge without them rolling back and forth. All you need to do is hold down the bottommost bottles with a foldback clamp. For even more tips and tricks to organize your fridge to save space, you can get inspiration here .

7) Protect razor blades

To safely transport your shaver while traveling, it is also advisable to use a foldback bracket. This serves as a protective cover, so you do not cut yourself at its blades when pulling out the razor.

8) Place toothpaste to save space

15 problems that you can solve with a foldback bracket.

For the order geeks among us, this trick is extremely interesting. With a foldback clip you can even keep the toothpaste tube organized. For this, the clamp only needs to be fixed to the back of the tube. So the clip serves as a kind of holder, so that the tube can stand upright in the cabinet.

9) Store hair elastics

Many women and some men know this dilemma very well. We are constantly buying new hair elastics and yet they are gone after a few weeks. To keep your hair elastics for a long time, you can simply clamp them into a foldback clip. So they certainly will not disappear anymore!

10) Present photos

Photos are wonderful snapshots. So that they can be presented accordingly, it is sufficient to set up a foldback clip and pinch the photo in it. If you want to go the extra mile, you can beautify the foldback clip with colorful adhesive tape.

11) Place your mobile upright

If you prefer to show your loved ones the photos digitally, you can make a mobile phone stand out of a few foldback clips in an instant. So you can watch your own personal slideshow at the same time.

12) Attach mobile phone to the dashboard

Both hands belong to the steering wheel! To still use your phone as a navigation device, you can easily make a cell phone holder for your car using foldback clips and a rubber. Then it just has to be attached to the dashboard and then it’s ready to go.

13) Keep the charging cable in range

Your battery is nearly empty, but your charging cable is nowhere to be found? And where is the plug of your headphones? Your search is over now! With foldback brackets, you can put all your cables in order at the table. So they are always ready to use.

14) Secure the headphones securely

15 problems that you can solve with a foldback bracket.

While jogging your headphones jiggle back and forth and constantly fall out of your ears? Annoying. But if you attach your headphones to your top with a foldback clip, this problem is a thing of the past.

15) Replace the keyboard feet

15 problems that you can solve with a foldback bracket.

Keyboard feet are extremely sensitive. A small jerk and already the first is canceled. However, since the keyboard is otherwise working properly, it is reluctant to buy a new one. To easily reuse the old one, you can replace the feet with the metal parts of the foldback clips.

As you can see, foldback brackets do a lot more than just hold paper together. If you catch yourself worrying about any of these 15 everyday problems, you can just try these awesome tricks. You’ll be surprised how easily they can be solved with foldback brackets.

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