Make shoes with waste paper really chic.

You’ve always had an old pair of shoes standing around that look so worn that you do not want to wear it anymore? Besides, you also have a lot of waste paper left over that you have not disposed of yet? Then the two basic requirements for this simple craft trick are given. Incidentally, he works particularly well with shoes made of smooth material. Fabric shoes, on the other hand, are less suitable.

The process is not complicated at all and at the same time the result looks really impressive.

What you need:

1 pair of shoes (preferably monochrome)
Waste paper or PC with printer
bristle brush
Matt Kleber
box cutter

1 Choose motifs

First of all, you should think about what you would like to have for a motive or pattern on your shoe later. Then you best go through your waste paper and look for suitable newspapers or magazines.

Make shoes with waste paper really chic.

If nothing is suitable, you do not have to take waste paper. You can also search and print pictures on the internet. Incidentally, comic books are especially popular for this tinkering. Therefore, the sample images show the process with old leather boots, which are stuck with snippets of comics.

2 Cut out motifs

Next, you’re going to get the motives you want to stick on the shoes later. Make sure that you have plenty of chips at the end and they are not too small, otherwise the gluing will later become a drudgery. Before you do the “right” tinkering, remove the laces, if any. They would only be in your way during the work.

Make shoes with waste paper really chic.

3 Apply adhesive

Now, let’s get down to business: You do the brush in the glue and apply a blob on the back or side of the shoe. It’s easier to start at these points. Then you take the first snippet and attach it to the glue. On the snippet you also brush a layer of glue.

You repeat this process until all desired parts of the shoe are pasted. It’s best to apply a few more layers of glue, so you can be sure that everything will end well in the end. Between application of the layers you should wait about 2 hours so that the previous layer has time to dry.

By the way, do not worry, the matt glue will later become transparent.

Make shoes with waste paper really chic.

4 Cut off protruding paper

Once the glue has dried completely, the utility knife is used: with it, you can trim pieces that stick out over the edges.

Is everything dry on both shoes, thread the shoelaces back in and the artwork is done! If you want to wear the shoes in the rain, you should impregnate them before putting them on.

Make shoes with waste paper really chic.

As already mentioned, the method works on a whole series of shoes. These colorful high heels prove, for example, that women can also express their femininity with comic pictures on their feet.

Make shoes with waste paper really chic.

The same goes for high heels, which are decorated with newspaper. As an eye-catcher paper flowers were added here in front.

Make shoes with waste paper really chic.

Maps can also be found on the shoe. If you run away, theoretically, a look down is enough.

Make shoes with waste paper really chic.

Some people go to great lengths with their shoe theme. The following picture shows what happens when a fan of romance novels makes his own shoes.

Make shoes with waste paper really chic.

You see, your creativity is almost unlimited. And you do not have to be a designer to make your own individual and attractive footwear.