12 tricks for real help in the kitchen.

We are not all master chefs, that’s for sure. However, it is possible to acquire a few simple kitchen tricks so that you can either work or start the long, stony path to becoming a chef.
The following list is not tips for elaborate recipes, but rather hints and life hacks, so that simple dishes succeed better and just a few simple grips of hands go faster and easier.

1) Pasta in the pan

If you have a frying pan at your disposal that has the same diameter as your cooking plate, then take the pan and not a pot for noodle cooking. This shortens the waiting time for your meal.

This also states that you should first put the noodles in the pan and then pour cold water on them.

12 tricks for real help in the kitchen.

2) water in the pan

With a tip for the pan, it continues: If you are unsure when your pan is hot enough to add oil for frying, then try the “water tip”: Add a small amount of water while heating the pan: shaping From this two pearls, the temperature is perfect. Details can be found in this

3) freeze avocado

Not all vegetables can be frozen – avocados already. Most professionals speak of two methods (halving or pureeing). You can also cut the fruit into pieces.

Incidentally, the trick also works with chopped onions. Here are some tips for this.

12 tricks for real help in the kitchen.

4) Spring onion in the bottle

To freeze vegetables, there is the next tip: cut spring onions that you do not want to consume all at once, small and fill them with an empty plastic bottle. So you can continue to use them portioned later. Frozen they should last for 2 to 3 months.

12 tricks for real help in the kitchen.

5) Vinegar or lemon in the egg water

The trick with a dash of white vinegar, lemon juice or even a piece of lemon works if you want to poach or cook hard-boiled eggs.

Eggs that you want to poach do not disintegrate in the water. And if you want to cook eggs hard, then you can easily peel them if you use one of the methods. In the video you will learn a few more tips for egg cooking and poaching.

12 tricks for real help in the kitchen.

6) Remove the eggshell

Another way to avoid having to hard peel boiled eggs is to put water in a mason jar, add the egg and then shake vigorously. The shell should be completely damaged so that you can easily remove it. Look here , how it works.

12 tricks for real help in the kitchen.

7) Freeze marinated meat

Sometimes you buy meat in portions that are too large, for example in the case of a special offer. So you do not have to eat everything at once, but divide it into individual portions, then marinate it at will and fill it in a freezer bag. This becomes incredibly handy when you are too tired to cook and need a quick dinner. Then you can just thaw it in the microwave and fry in the pan.

12 tricks for real help in the kitchen.

8) Remove stalk from lettuce head

Removing the stalk from a lettuce head is much easier and faster than you probably imagine. The point is that you once hit the salad vigorously on the work surface. Then you can easily deflate him. You can see how it looks like here .

9) Ice cube tray with fresh herbs

This idea is really awesome when you have fresh herbs left over and you want to make your own spice at the same time.

Chop the herbs, fill them in ice cube trays and pour them with olive oil. You can freeze the whole thing and, as soon as you need it, thaw individual cubes again. One recommendation is to use the herb cubes as an added spice for noodles.

12 tricks for real help in the kitchen.

10) Kitchen paper in the microwave

When you microwave a dish, spread a sheet of damp kitchen paper over it. So your food stays nicely juicy while it’s being heated. How it works especially well with rice, you can see here .

12 tricks for real help in the kitchen.

11) Oil in the measuring cup

If you want to measure something sticky like honey or syrup with a measuring cup, it is best to brush it with a neutral cooking oil first. This makes the sticky mass easily peel off the bottom and rim of the cup and you do not have to scratch it out with difficulty.

12 tricks for real help in the kitchen.

12) Beat eggs

Back to the topic Egg: When one is used as an ingredient, most people strike it on the bowl, pot or pan edge. For beginners, however, this is not the recommended method, as so inexperienced hands easily get eggshell pieces in the food. Strike the egg on the edge of the work surface. However, it is also possible on flat surfaces. Look here , what to look for.

12 tricks for real help in the kitchen.