5 Tricks For Order In The Fridge

In the household is hardly anything more tempting than a well-stocked fridge, the fresh food and cool drinks ready for us. But so that the eye can enjoy the opening of the refrigerator door, which will spoil the palate later, should also prevail in the refrigerator order.

Accordingly, below are five practical tips to help you better organize the “cold box” in the kitchen so you keep track, keep everything easily accessible and all the delights are not overrun in the farthest corner of mushroom crops ,

5 Tricks For Order In The Fridge

Plastic bottles

Remove the lid of an egg carton and place the bottom in one of the compartments in the refrigerator door. Now you can place the plastic tubes, eg for ketchup, upside down in the box. Incidentally, the contents of the tubes can also flow more quickly onto your plate when opened. Also, they will not fall over when you open the refrigerator door.


Stick a magnet under your tupper boxes so you can fix them on the inside of your fridge, freeing up more floor space.

5 Tricks For Order In The Fridge

Similarly, you can handle bottles and glasses with a metal lid. Meanwhile, there are even magnetic bottle holder to buy, thanks to which the beer of the sausage is no longer on the pelt.

5 Tricks For Order In The Fridge

Set priorities

Allow yourself a little fun and let the food communicate with you like in “Alice in Wonderland”: label a plastic box – cardboard may not cook so well in the fridge – with “Eat Me First!” And put the food in there, whose Expiration date expires in the near future.

So you immediately have in mind what you should consume as quickly as possible, before it gets bad. As a result, you will probably have to throw away less food.

5 Tricks For Order In The Fridge

 Rotatable tray

In particular, with well-filled refrigerators you sometimes come very close to the things that are at the very back (and in the worst case, unnoticed spoil). So you do not have to change your fridge all the time, just put in a rotatable tray. If you do not reach anything, you no longer need to turn the bike, but just turn it on the tray.

Bottle pyramid

If you do not want to hoard your drinks on the ceiling of your fridge, stack them into a pyramid and attach a paper clip next to them to keep the bottles in place and not slip or roll down.

5 Tricks For Order In The Fridge

With these tips you can also keep things in the refrigerator without any problems. You save space and maybe even money, because thanks to a better overview you have to throw away less food.