9 Common Mistakes When Dusting And How To Avoid Them

It can drive you crazy. Just now you have wiped all surfaces sparkling white and a little later, a thin layer of dust covers it, as if she wanted to whisper a cynical grin: “Stop it, you can not win the fight against the dirt.”

In fact, house dust is hard to avoid. Everywhere people live, dander, textile fibers, hair, pollen, cobwebs and the smallest particles of dirt collect, rise with the warm air and sink down again on the cooler walls. Cabinets and picture frames are therefore particularly affected by dust.

It is also no solution to delete the sails and to completely dispense with dusting. Because apart from aesthetic aspects, house dust can have a negative effect on the health of well-being , since it is a paradise for mites, mold and bacteria.

9 Common Mistakes When Dusting And How To Avoid Them

By contrast, those who avoid the following dustwip errors can make their job much easier. The dust is getting away easier and more thoroughly – and he will not be back soon.

Everything with the wipe

Once with the rag everywhere and ready – as simple as it seems in theory, so this approach in practice but limits. For lattice screens or fabric lampshades, for example, a lint roller is more suitable. Instead of a lint roller you can also simply wrap tape around a Klorolle.

9 Common Mistakes When Dusting And How To Avoid Them

First wipe, then suck

When dusting always trickles down something. Therefore, you should not wipe arbitrarily, but work systematically from top to bottom. But what about sucking? One must remember that the vacuum cleaner not only sucks, but also blows out the filtered air again, causing dust from the floor is whirled up – professional housekeepers therefore advise to first suck and then dust off.

Something else is, if for a long time no more dust was wiped and thick dust fluff on the closets frolicking. Then you should first bring down the coarse dirt.

Forget about cracks

If you want to expel dust from the apartment as sustainably as possible, you should occasionally wipe thoroughly instead of sliding along the surfaces every day. Because every breeze blows the dust out of the cracks, nooks and crannies. Once you have eliminated these dust nests, regular dusting is much easier.

9 Common Mistakes When Dusting And How To Avoid Them

To get under sofas, behind refrigerators and between shelves, you have to be resourceful. For example, a cardboard roller inserted on the vacuum cleaner hose is a proven scrubber cleaner.

9 Common Mistakes When Dusting And How To Avoid Them

Vacuum the radiator

In radiators, the woolly mice collect too much. In the heating season, this can pollute the room air properly. With a vacuum cleaner you will not get far. Better, you take this trick: Remove the grille and put a damp cloth under the heater. Then you blow through the fins with a hair dryer. The dust is caught by the damp cloth.

9 Common Mistakes When Dusting And How To Avoid Them

Wet rag

Whether damp cotton cloth or rather microfiber, the spirits argue about it. Microfiber cloths attract the dust effectively, on the other hand they whirl up the house dust with thicker layers of dust. The dust also sticks to the damp wiper cloth – if the cloth is too wet, however, the effect is reversed: the dust fluff is merely smeared or settles in fine slits and crevices. Especially with unpainted wood surfaces, the dry version is always preferable.

Banishing plants

Plants are dust catchers – but not only. Certainly it is difficult to clear the leaves of your house plants from the dust. But Philodendron,gum & Co. can also help curb house dust. Because green plants increase the humidity, which binds the dust and leaves it lying on the ground rather than being whirled around in the air.

9 Common Mistakes When Dusting And How To Avoid Them

Leave TV switched on

It may be that house cleaning is more entertaining when, in addition, a soap opera runs on the screen. When dusting but powered electrical appliances are a hindrance. Because electricity is a dust magnet. In addition, the devices should have already cooled down for a perfectly radiant result.

Closed windows

Some people are afraid that the dust will be blown into the apartment from outside. Residents of a sawmill or coal-fired power station are likely to have these concerns wrongly. Nevertheless, house dust consists to a large extent of dead skin dandruff and clothing fibers , so it comes from the residents themselves. Extensive air venting, according to the Federal Environment Agency, therefore also more dust out than transported.

9 Common Mistakes When Dusting And How To Avoid Them

Forgot filter

Dust filters only fulfill their function as long as the old dust does not cover all pores. This applies equally to vacuum cleaners, blow dryers and dryers. Regular cleaning of the filter thus not only improves the functionality, but also significantly reduces the dust concentration in the air.

9 Common Mistakes When Dusting And How To Avoid Them

In life, the little things often count. So it is in the household: With a few adjustments to the own household routine to succeed as annoying things as dusting all at once with ease. Are you still curious about the 10 most unusual tricks to make cleaning easier? Then have a look in this article !