Chaos through Tupperware: 9 tips to regain order in the kitchen cabinet.

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There are unwritten laws in every kitchen that are as safe as the fact that the DHL courier does not ring when you’re at home all day long. Under the sink are cleaning agents, the pans are preferably in the drawer under the oven. And then there’s this ominous closet, in which plastic cans of every shape and size lie – and everywhere it looks chaotic. With the following 9 tips the mess finally comes to an end.

Use a drawer separator

Use additional drawers to separate large from small parts

Attach the magazine holder to the insides of the cabinet doors


Use the CD stand as a shelf for the lid

Use hanging baskets

Insert drip tray

With so much choice, everyone will find the right solution to handle the can mess at home. The advantages speak for themselves: The closet looks neat, there is more space and you can find a particular can much easier.

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