10 tricks with cling film in the household.

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Cling film has almost everyone at home. Mostly they are used for the sole purpose of wrapping food in order to keep it fresh, as the name suggests. However, those who only cling to their main function underestimate the potential that lies within it.

Because the transparent packaging material can be a small general-purpose weapon in the household, with which make food easier, solve sanitary problems or better transport things. Convince yourself with the following 10 tips and tricks for the cling film.

1.) Clogged toilet

If your toilet is clogged, wrap the cling film over the bowl and glue it to the edge so that no air can escape from the bowl. Then you rinse, until the film bulges. With the palm of your hand, you press down the curvature. The resulting pressure presses like a Pümpel the blockage through the pipe.

Sink and, if necessary, press repeatedly until the blockage dissolves.

2.) toothbrush

The English adventurer Alastair Humphrey, who among other things has cycled around the world and was voted Adventurer of the year 2012 by the magazine National Geographic, recommends the following trick to anyone who wants to take as little as possible for just one night: Put toothpaste on the toothbrush before you leave and wrap the toothbrush with the toothpaste in cling film.

Thanks to this tip, you do not need to take the entire toothpaste tube with you. But even without toothpaste you can wrap the brush in foil, for example, to be able to stow it neatly in your suitcase.

3.) transport things

Cling film can help you to move things easily when moving. So you can wrap the cutlery box in foil, so you do not have to pack the knives and forks all individually.

4.) protect cosmetic bag

If you are worried when packing your suitcase that the lid of cosmetic tubes or bottles may not close properly, put a strip of cling film over the opening of the container and close it as usual with the lid. So you can be sure that not the smallest drop will leak.

5.) Keep the brush from drying out

If you’re in the middle of a renovation and do not want to wash out the brush at the end of a hard day, because you’ll be painting the wall in the same color tomorrow anyway, wrap the brush in cling film. This will prevent the paint from drying and making the brush hard. So you can continue right there the next day where you left off.

6.) Spill nothing more

Small children are given sippy cups, so that nothing is spilled when they overturn the cup in the heat of the moment. If you do not have a sippy cup at hand, you can alternatively wrap cling film around a glass and put a straw through it.

7.) Open the glass

To open a glass with a stubborn lid, there are many possibilities. One of the best known is to wear a rubber glove so that the hand does not slip off the lid and you have a firmer grip.

The same principle can be achieved with the help of cling film. Simply wrap foil around the lid and the hand will not slip off so easily.

8.) Knock meat

Depending on how tough you are on the skin or what quality the meat is, the meat can tatter when delicately tapping. To prevent this, it is recommended to wrap the piece of meat in cling film before working it with the hammer.

This keeps the meat intact and the kitchen table clean. As the following picture illustrates, you can use a freezer bag instead of cling film.

9.) Poached eggs

Poached or lost eggs are prepared without a shell in just boiling water. However, the result of the preparation is often quite different and also unsatisfactory. A tip for poached eggs to work better is to put some cling film over a cup and flip the egg over it.


Then tie the foil to the egg and put it in the saucepan in a packaged way.

10.) Prevent splashes during mixing

Stirring liquid dough in a food processor can sometimes turn into a real mess. To prevent unsightly splashes, drill the dough hooks through cling film, which you then stretch across the bowl. Alternatively you can of course also wrap the foil around the bowl and blender.

No matter if the toilet is clogged or the poached eggs do not succeed: It is never wrong to have a roll of plastic wrap in the house. But not only cling film, even aluminum foil can be used in many ways, as this article knows to report.

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