6 reasons to always have salt in the household.

Everyone has salt at home and most will probably use it for cooking. But salt has more power than you think, especially for cleaning, it is a true all-rounder. Here are 6 ingenious tricks that will help you discover the secret powers of ordinary household salt.
1 fat burning

What to do with a fat burn, so if the whole pan burns? You guessed it: sprinkle salt over it. Salt deprives the fire of oxygen and if you put a lot of salt over a burning pan, you can extinguish the fire in no time. Of course it works with earth or sand, but who has that in the kitchen at hand?

2 Spilled eggs

It happens every now and then that you drop an egg in the kitchen. This is usually a rather sticky affair, but you can do it pretty well with salt. Simply sprinkle the broken egg on the ground generously with salt and let it soak in for about 10 minutes. Then you can easily wipe up the egg with a paper towel.

3 Oily sponges

If you have an oily sponge and just do not know how to clean it, then salt can be very helpful here. Fill a bowl with water and add about 75 grams of salt. Then stir well and leave the sponge in the liquid overnight. The next morning you just have to wring out your sponge and it’s clean!

4 Clogged drain

For clogged drains, you can either use a chemical cocktail or a salt cocktail. Here you have to mix soda in a 1 to 1 ratio with salt. The whole thing then comes in the clogged drain. Submerge briefly and then pour over white vinegar. It should come to a small reaction, so do not forget gloves and airing. You should let this mixture soak in for 15 minutes. During this time you can heat about one liter of water. This is what you need to flush out the drain. And done. A clean drain in a jiffy.

5 Encrusted pan

With scorched food scraps that have almost burned into the pan, salt can be very helpful. Salt can clean the pan namely without much scrubbing or other effort. Here you have to give a larger amount of salt in the pan. It is best if the bottom of the pan is completely covered. Then add water and mix the water until a milky white liquid is formed. Simply let it soak for 10 minutes and then wipe the pan, done.

6 Dirty iron

Something is sticking to the bottom of your iron? To clean your iron, simply set it to high temperature and then do the following: Take newspaper or baking paper and cover it with salt. Then simply iron the salt layer with the heated iron and you’re done. The underside of the iron will be radiantly clean.

These 6 tricks show you how to easily get a clean apartment without chemicals. And it’s cheaper too. Share this ingenious information about salt that can do wonders in the home.