A burglar entered into a religious woman’s house

Once a wealthy old religious woman caught a burglar ransacking her things. She had lived her whole life as a celibate, almost like a nun.

”Listen lady, keep quiet if you don’t want to be hurt. Just tell me where your jewels are.”

She said, ”I don’t keep them here.

They are in the bank in the safe-deposit vault.”

”Where is all your silver then?” ”I am sorry, but it is all out, being cleaned and polished.” ”Give me your money then.”

”I tell you,” she said, ”I don’t keep any cash on hand.”

”Listen lady, I am warning you ­ give me your money or I will rip it off you.”

And he started feeling her up and down. ”

I keep telling you,” she said, ”I don’t have any money.

But if you do that again I will write you a cheque.”