9 tips and tricks for annoying laundry and scratchy labels.

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It is little things that can bring one to the palm. For example, if you have a top made of fine, fluffy-soft material has increased – and then scratch the wash sheet in the neck! Of course, the things are always sewn so that you can not cut them completely, without endangering the side seam or leave holes. If you cut them off a little bit, the cut edges of the labels are even more interesting.

At the same time, the fly-slips get longer and longer in order to explain to one in 120 languages ​​that one must not jump into the fire with the garment. It is also particularly annoying if the labels are in transparent lingerie or children’s clothes. In many Internet forums, therefore, angry mothers talk about what can be done against the plague. Here are the best tips:

A: Without cutting off

In order not to lose the care instructions, it sometimes makes sense not to completely remove the washing sheets. In children’s clothes you will then also keep track of the size of each dress.

1.) File: With a nail file, the scratching edges of acrylic labels are defused.


2.) Rounding: Itching only the corners of the laundrette, they are rounded off with a nail scissors.

3.) Embroidery: Annoying the long label, because it repeatedly slips out of the neck, fixed it with a few pinpricks and inconspicuous thread on the fabric. If you want, you can also use textile glue.

B: With clipping

Who comes up with the idea of ​​sewing dark labels into bright, slightly transparent fabrics? Here it is worthwhile to get rid of the laundry slip completely.

4.) Cutting: If the label is fastened with a separate, clearly visible seam, it can be loosened with a seam cutter .

5.) Fraying: Often, however, the label is sewn directly into the waistband or outer seam. In this case, cut off the label with a nail scissors so that 2 mm survive. Then take a needle and fry the rest. Individually, the acrylic fibers are much gentler.

6.) Coloring: Some forum members have reported that they cut off the laundry slip, leave a rest over, and paint the cut edges with clear nail polish.

7.) Once the skin is irritated by a nasty label, a mild deodorant can bring relief. However, those who are prone to atopic dermatitis or generally have sensitive skin can provide relief with a cold quark wrap.

8.) If you want to remove your scratchy laundry , but do not want to give up leaflets, can order self-designed ironing labels on the Internet . They do not scratch and you can attach them where you think it makes sense.

9.) Some manufacturers are now beginning to print material and care instructions on the inside of clothing. Thus one can avoid later trouble even with the purchase.

Finally, the itching has an end. Thank the resourceful mothers who share their personal tricks on the Internet. Find more lifesacks on clothing that will make your life easier, in this video .

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