10 Applications For Dishwasher Tablets

The stumbling block was that she had 100 dishwasher tablets left over. The American blogger and housewife Corinne Schmitt wanted to save and therefore bought a large pack of cheap tabs. When she realized that they were no good for the dishwasher, she looked for alternative uses – and that ended up in some really practical ideas.

 Clean the oven

This tip is especially the dirty floor of the furnace benefit – even if burned there baked goods. First, soften the soil with warm water for 10 minutes. With rubber gloves, you will then slowly rub a dishwasher trough along paths. With a sponge or household towels you finally remove the liquid. For stubborn soiling, you can also dissolve one or two tabs in hot water and let it sit for a few hours on the bottom of the oven.

10 Applications For Dishwasher Tablets

 Clean the baking dish

If you have enjoyed a lasagna or a casserole, you often have the dilemma that afterwards the baking pan can not be cleaned. To remedy the situation, just fill it with hot water and flop a dish sink. It’s best to leave the mixture overnight. The next day, you simply rinse the mold and it should be spotless again.

10 Applications For Dishwasher Tablets

 Decolourise the laundry

Yes, that actually works. It should, however, be white linen. It has probably happened to all of us before, that we have a red sock or similar washed together with white fabric and that the white laundry did not tolerate that very well. At the next wash, you can just give a tab to the white wash.

 Remove crayons and crayons

The magic pill will do the trick too. The shoot will help you especially if you have creative children who like to live their fantasy on the wall. To get it sparkling again, dissolve a tab in a few liters of water and clean the wall with the mixture. Wear rubber gloves and take a rag or sponge to help.

10 Applications For Dishwasher Tablets

 Clean the drum

This is a great trick to clean your washing machine . If you run a wash at 60 ° C every few months with two tablets in the drum, germs and limescale do not stand a chance.

10 Applications For Dishwasher Tablets

Free outdoor furniture from dirt

If dust, pollen, and bird droppings have settled on your deckchairs, your garden table, or the barbeque and you want to use them again, you need an effective way to clean them. Dissolve a powder cube in hot water and then remove the grime, preferably with a glove and a cloth “armed”.

Remove the coffee and tar edges

Who does not know them, the ugly brown edges on cups and pitchers? You can easily get rid of them. This works as follows: You fill the jar with three quarters of warm water and put a tab inside. Let the mixture work for an hour and then rinse thoroughly with hot water. Incidentally, the trick also works with vases and decanters.

10 Applications For Dishwasher Tablets

Polish the metal

The trick achieves special success with stainless steel. Brush and polish your tools or cutlery with a mix of water and dissolved tab, using gloves and rags. If you leave a pill overnight in your water-filled sink, it will shine in new splendor the next day. By the way, you will also get radiance.

Clean the trash can

There are not many nastier activities in the household than cleaning dirty garbage cans or bins. What do you do if you spill or even accumulate debris in it? Again, the tab offers a solution. Put so much water in the bucket that it covers the worst dirt and throw a tablet in it. After it has dissolved, you wait another 30 minutes and then rinse or spray the container with water.

Clean the toilet

In addition to the dustbin cleaning this is certainly one of the most unpopular household tasks. You can make this task much easier if you first dissolve a tab in the toilet bowl. Afterwards scrubbing will be much easier.

10 Applications For Dishwasher Tablets Note: For all the tips you should use to resolve a tab, it may take some time to dissolve, even with hot water. Otherwise, nothing stands in the way of innovative cleaning.