With this diy-trick you make from glass bottles cool drinking glasses.

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For your own bespoke glass you need:

A cord made of 100% cotton

Lighter fluid

One or more empty bottles of thick glass (eg Corona)


To make a (empty) beer bottle, preferably made of thick glass, you first wrap a string and knot it.

Leave the knot in and carefully dip the part around the bottle into the lighter fluid.

Put the cord around the bottle again and hold it horizontally. Now light the string and carefully turn the bottle so that the flame spreads evenly.

If you hear the bottle crack, you can run cold water over the place. Then the bottleneck will fall off. The best way to do the procedure over the sink, so that the neck does not fall down and possibly even splintered.

Now smooth the edges of the glass carefully but carefully with sandpaper so that there can be no cuts later on. Finished!

The end result: Individual glasses that look like they were bought.

These individual glasses decorate every table. But you can “behead” any other bottle in the same way. A vase from a dark green wine bottle, for example, I imagine pretty chic. There are unlimited possibilities to beautify your everyday life.

Share this foolhardy idea. So everyone can become a glass designer.