Drive away ants with a simple trick.

Everybody knows that. In the summer one likes to have small visitors in the house, who spread themselves in kitchen and pantry: ants. Whole armies can spread out in the house and drag everything into their burrow, which is edible. And they can also be dangerous, for example, as a disease transmitter. But with these tricks you will easily get rid of them.

1 If you find the ant in the garden, you can put it under water with manure or lay out ethereal herbs such as fern or thyme. The smell disturbs the sense of orientation of the ants.

2 Alternatively, you can relocate an ant, but it takes a bit of patience. For this you can fill a flower pot with wood wool and soil and put it upside down on its nest. Afterwards, wait a few days for the ant colony to settle in his new dwelling. Then just take the whole pot and take it to another place.

3 Ants do not like chalk! With a piece of chalk, you can easily block their way before they get into the house. Just draw a line on the floor and voilá – the little insects will look for another place to raise food.

But sometimes you just can not get rid of the ants because you can not find their burrow or because they just prove to be too stubborn. Therefore, as a last straw, you can try this trick:

You will need:
2 tablespoons sodium borate (to buy in the pharmacy, also under the name “Borax”)
About 250 ml of warm water
125 g of sugar
Cotton balls as needed

Who does not know sodium borate: This is a naturally occurring mineral in nature. It can arise during the desiccation of salt lakes and is mined in South America.

4 Add the sugar and sodium borate to the warm water and stir well until both have dissolved in the liquid.

5 Then take a few cotton balls and dip them into the solution. Use a pair of tweezers to remove them and wring them out until they do not drip.

6 After that, everything depends on the location: ants form the so-called ant roads, where they transport their stolen goods. In the vicinity of such ants roads, you should put the wet cotton balls.

7 You simply have to leave the cotton balls overnight and the liquid will help the insects. The next day you just have to wipe away the dead ants and you’re rid of the plague.

It is important to densify the places where the ants have entered the house with clay or silicone. Ants are tough and stubborn, and your pantry is very tempting. But remember, if you want to switch to chemical weapons, you should contact a pest control professional. Biocides can be dangerous not only for the ants but also for your household, especially if you have children or pets.

Is not it good to know that there are so many different types of pest control? If you find the right one, you can deal with this difficult problem quickly. Share these ant tips with everyone you know. Because this problem is particularly common when the warmer seasons return.