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How to get a washing machine really clean.

A washing machine has a single task: to clean our clothes, of course. But what do you do when the washing machine spills? Here are helpful tricks on how to get your washing machine clean again.

1.) Rinse the drum

Even if the washing drum looks sparkling clean, the reality is probably different. In all the small projections and angles, germs and bacteria can accumulate wonderfully. The best way, however, is to run an empty washing machine every few months. Take the best dishwasher tablets and let the machine run at 60 ° C. Stubborn germs are killed and limescale deposits do not stand a chance.

2.) Avoid odor

Have you ever opened the washing machine and been greeted by a nasty smell of cloud? This can happen when mold accumulates in the washing machine – it can form in both the gasket and its interior. Fortunately, it is often enough to leave the door open after the wash to allow the air to circulate in the machine. This prevents the moldy odor.

3.) Clean the filter

The dirt filter in the washing machine is actually intended to protect the pump in the washing machine. Cloth scraps, handkerchiefs and coins can clog them, so the small fuse is very important for smooth operation. Of course germs and mildew accumulate here as well, which then settles quickly in the laundry. For this reason, you should clean the filter regularly. Normally you will find the filter behind a protective flap in the lower part of the washing machine, so you should put a towel in front of the washing machine, so that the mess is not that big. Otherwise, see the instructions for use where you can find it.

When you have found it, carefully unscrew the protective flap. If now a small amount of water flows, that’s perfectly normal. You will see that even smaller dirt can be washed out with.

Check with your hands for safety, if everything is really out and once again clean the filter and hose cleanly. Make sure you’ve really put everything together again before you turn on the washing machine again.

4.) Clean the door seal

If you put your dirty clothes in the machine and get them out wet, they will always come in contact with the seal of the washing machine. This seal ensures that no water drips from the door, but at the same time it is also an ideal incubator for bacteria and germs. Stagnant water is also an ideal breeding ground for mold. Too many people do not think about it and so the dirt can accumulate undisturbed. The longer you wait, the harder it gets. So take half a minute to clean the seal before and after each wash. Positive side effect: Your laundry does not come in contact with dirt when you take it out of the machine.

5.) Clean the detergent compartment

Often the complete washing powder is not used. This can cause it to stay wet longer in the machine and mold much faster than you think. The easiest way is to remove the complete detergent dispenser and thoroughly scrub with an old toothbrush and household cleaner. If you are not sure how to make the tray, just look in the instructions for use. Do not forget the compartment for the fabric softener. In just a few minutes, your laundry will soon be fresher again.

6.) Use the right detergent

With the huge selection of detergents in the supermarket, it is easy to be overwhelmed. How should you know what really works and, most importantly, which detergent is best for your laundry. Interestingly, a connection between liquid cleaners and increased mildew formation was found. Therefore, it is better to use powder in the future. Your laundry will thank you.

If you follow all these tips, not only your laundry but also your washing machine will be grateful. Here again shows that a few simple maintenance tasks can prevent much grief.