A guy goes to the first aid section of the hospital

A guy goes to the first aid section of the hospital. He says: ‘I’ve got 3 balls, could you

have a look?

A nurse takes him to the examination room, checks his balls, and says: ‘Nope, you’ve

got 2 balls, just like any other man’

‘Impossible’, the guy says, ‘you should look better’

The nurse checks his balls again for a couple of minutes and says: ‘there’s really

nothing wrong’

‘Get another nurse’, the guys demands.

Another nurse joins the club and starts checking his balls too and says: ‘Really, I only

see 2 balls…

The guy says: ‘Okay, perhaps I’m mistaking…’, and he walks away.

Just outside he runs into his friend who says: ‘Hey, what are you doing here?

The guy: ‘Well… I was waiting for the bus and noticed that it could take at least 1 hour

for the bus to arrive. So I thought, I’m gonna have some chicks rub and touch my sack

for a while…