Tea tree oil as an all-rounder: That’s why it also helps in the fight against mold.

Tea tree oil is not exactly a new discovery for lovers of natural medicine. However, you’ve probably never heard of his following mission: the wall. The oil proves not only on the skin against impurities and small wounds as a magic agent, but also in the house. You can even fight mold with it! The ingredients of the oil cause the killing of mushrooms. These are not only detrimental to health as a black mold, but also do not make a particularly good impression as a wall decoration.

For that you need:

  • 1 vial of tea tree oil
  • Rubber gloves (if required)
  • 1 spray bottle
  • water

As with the application on the skin, it is best not to use tea tree oil on the wall undiluted. Therefore, the first step before you take up the fight against the fungus is to dilute the oil with water. For this you mix 20 ml of oil (this is about 2 tablespoons) with half a liter of water and fill it in the bottle – or mix the ingredients directly in it and then shake the closed container extensively. Then you can start and you approach the wall, the piece of furniture, the ceiling or the floor to be cleaned.

If the fungal attack is moderate, all you have to do is spray the appropriate spots. The mold will disappear “by itself” after a short time. If there are only very small problem areas, such as in the joints between bathroom tiles, you can, instead of spraying, also dab the water-oil solution directly. Here, gloves are recommended, because you should as possible have no skin contact with the mold

Do you have a large-scale fight against the fungus in front of you, it is recommended to give the tea tree oil in the cleaning bucket and use the mixture as cleaning water. For a lower oil concentration ranges, about 15 to 20 ml per liter of water.

The great thing about the whole method is that you do not have to wash off the home-made cleaning agent or reprocess the treated surface in any way. If you do not really appreciate the typical tea tree oil scent, you do not have to worry, because it will be over after a few days at the latest.

So if you want to be “natural” against mold and if you also want to keep your offensive against the fungus straightforward, arming with the tea tree oil-water mixture is perfect for you. In spite of all euphoria is to be noted that you can remove the mold so only externally. If the cause is inside the wall, the best cleaning agent will not help – and the mushroom will return sooner or later.