This undergraduate was very attracted to a charming

This undergraduate was very attracted to a charming and delightful woman in one of his classes.

She was bright, witty, good looking, and very friendly.

She also was in a wheelchair because she’d lost both legs in an accident.

This proved to be no real barrier, however; this was one formidable woman whether she had legs or not.

The young man asked her out on a date and she accepted.

They had a wonderful evening together, and they were most attracted to one another.

When he brought her home, one thing led to another in the seat of the car, but she stopped him just at a crucial moment and said, “

Wait, I’ve got an idea that will make it better for both of us. See that elm tree over there? Let me hang from that lower branch while we do it.”

He was amazed not only at her upper body strength, but also at how good the was.

“What an incredible fcuk”, he thought.

Afterward, he brought her wheelchair over and gently took her down and wheeled her up to the house.

As he was preparing to go, however, he saw her father standing on the porch.

“Young man, I want you to know that I saw everything you did with my daughter.”
“You did?”

“Yes. And, I want to thank you.”
“You do?”

“Yes. Every other guy she’s brought home has left her hanging in the damn tree!”