6 unusual uses for ice cube molds

Can you freeze everything? We do not have all the answers to this question, but at least you can find out here. I would never have come to some myself. You can just leave many different foods in the freezer and eat them later.

1 eggs

The expiration date is approaching and your egg box is still half full? In recipes we usually only need 2 eggs at a time. Therefore, the best way to freeze eggs is to make them “teams” of two eggs each. Mix them together without stirring too much, so that not too many bubbles form. You can use your mixer, but take the lowest level and only set the mixer for 2 to 3 seconds. When the eggs are mixed, place them in a freezer bag and close it, trying to squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible. The bag then comes into the freezer and if you need it, keep the bag under warm water. If you do not have a freezer bag, then you can also give the eggs individually in a muffin form or an ice cube mold and whisk it with the fork. But remember well how many eggs you put together into a mold.

2 lemon and orange

Slice your favorite citrus fruit and put it in a muffin tin or a traditional ice cube shape (in this case cut them into pieces, not slices). Fill the mold with water and put it in the freezer. This trick is especially good at chilling water or cocktails instead of ice cubes with these citrus ice cubes. You can also add mint if you want.

3 herbs

Mince the herbs if you want and put them in an ice cube mold. Fill the mold with olive oil instead of water and put it in the freezer. Put one of these cubes in your pan with your meat or vegetables if you need them.

4 Grapes

This is THE best trick if your white wine or your rosé is not cold enough! Instead of ice cubes, add some frozen grapes that are the same color as your wine. This will give your glass a nice touch.

5 Ketchup

How many times have I thrown away my ketchup because I just did not have anything to eat it with? Just put the rest of your ketchup sauce in a silicone ice cube mold. The next time pasta sauce is on the menu, just use the number of cubes you need!

6 “Hot” water

No, of course you should not freeze hot water. But: To make beautiful transparent ice cubes, this is exactly the way – first hot, then cold. To accomplish this, you have to boil water twice in a clean pot. Let the water cool down and then add it to the ice cube mold. The ice cubes are wonderfully clear and not milky-cloudy like normal ones.

Our favorite tricks are the ones with lemons and grapes. Best of all just put some in the fridge. Incidentally, here you will find even more ingenious ideas around the ice cube container .

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