5 everyday things, sometimes used very differently.

The English term “Lifehack” is not yet in the dictionary, but at least Wikipedia informs that lifehacks are tricks that can be solved in an unusual way problems or goals can be achieved.

It is often about “using things creatively and completely differently than originally planned.” This is definitely the case with the lifehacks in this video. Here’s a compilation that uses cola, ice cube molds, irons, eggs, and plastic bottles in different ways.

The detailed articles to the respective Lifehacks you find – except with number 2 – under the continuing left in the heading or the picture.

1) Cola

With the sweet soda you can bake a chocolate cake, prevent vermin, clean your toilet and remove chewing gum, stubborn stains and rust.

2) ice cube shape

Thanks to different recipes, which can be seen in the video above, you can use ice cubes to realize five different beverage ideas.3

3) iron

Your iron is your helper in distress to prepare fried eggs, weld bags, remove wax, laminate pictures, toast a sandwich, make jewelry, remove price stickers, and remove pressure points in the carpet.

4) Ü eggs

The yellow capsules from the surprise eggs contain no less than six different areas of application.

5) Plastic bottles

These five ideas show how you can continue to use a plastic bottle even after use, instead of having to dispose of it.

As the Wikipedia article additionally reveals, the term “Lifehack” came in 2004 in the US and was voted the second most useful word of 2005, where he had to give up only the word “podcast” defeated.

American and English dictionaries already contain “Lifehack”. We are waiting to see when it will appear in German dictionaries.