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5 food tricks for the laundry.

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It’s a common nuisance anyone has to deal with at some point: The white wash gets a yellowish tinge or greyish-tint, while the colorful and the black are faded. There are countless tips for lightening up dirty white clothes, but it does not look good when it comes to color protection. So that your clothes continue to shine like a rainbow, simply apply the following tricks directly from the spice rack.


In addition to the regular detergent, add a teaspoon of ground black pepper to the laundry. However, this comes directly into the washing drum, not in the tray. In addition, you should now wash at the lowest possible temperature. The pepper acts like an abrasive that rubs soap residue off the laundry fibers. The residues ensure that the colors fade over time.


If you give about 90 grams of salt for washing, this has a similar effect. Detergent residues can not attach to the fibers, which is why the colors can radiate better.


Vinegar is also helpful in removing harmful soap residue from clothing. In addition, vinegar acts at the same time as a fabric softener. For this, a cup of white vinegar is added to the wash. Do not worry, the pungent smell evaporates during the wash.


Instead of vinegar, you can also add some lemon essence to the laundry. Even long-faded clothes can still be saved.


There is also the option of using coffee or black tea as a natural colorant. For this, you boil two cups of the corresponding drink and give them directly into the washing drum, not in the compartment. Before that you should absolutely make sure that only black clothes are in the washing machine, since this method is of course not suitable for colorful laundry.

All five remedies are found in every household or are cheap to procure. Just test yourself all to find out which one brings you the most.

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