12 tips, tricks and life hacks that save time in the kitchen.

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A mediocre housewife praises you, a perfect housewife overlooks you. Is that still true today? Hopefully not! For life is far too beautiful to disappear after a lot of housework.

In the following compilation, you will find 12 clever kitchen tips that housewives – yes, there are actually still significantly more women than men – have shared on the net. Maybe there is also one or the other trick for you, so you have more time to enjoy:

1) Not only in Advent you can bake cookies. Do you like the shapes, they are much easier to release from the dough and you are done faster.

2) The soup is salted? Do not worry, just cook a big potato with you. She picks up the salt and you do not have to cook the soup again. Even more first aid measures for messed up food tells you this article .

3) In order not to have to clean the mixer awkward, you can use a paper plate to make a splash guard.

4) If you use a garlic press, you do not have to peel your toes. Just cut them in the middle – the shell will hang in the press by itself.

5) To get an extra desktop, all you have to do is put up a drawer and put a big chopping board on it. Schnitzel you can not knock while, but for vegetable cutting it is enough.

6) Shower caps are more diverse than you think. For example, you can use it as a reusable cup cover. More ideas can be found in this post .

7) Cling film is best stored in the refrigerator. Cooled, it can be handled much better. How to make an environmentally friendly alternative to cling film, explains this video .

8) Also, the uncertainty of whether the eggs are still edible, can cost time. Take a glass of water: if the egg sinks to the ground, it is still fresh; if it just floats easily, it can be boiled or enjoyed; If it floats above, it is spoiled.

9) Homemade popcorn is the icing on the cake for every movie night. Annoying is only if you have to collect the unpopped corn grains. Soak the corn in water before adding the last grain in the pot to popcorn.

10) Potatoes peel almost by themselves when cooked with the shell and then quenched in ice water. In this video, you can take a closer look at the trick.

11) There is also a trick for onion peeling: keep the onion under warm water for a short time. Now the shell is not so brittle anymore and is easier to peel off.

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