10 Useful Uses For Dryer Cloths

Drying cloths are intended to ensure that, on the one hand, the laundry in the tumble dryer does not become electrostatically charged, on the other hand, so that it assumes a pleasant scent. But dryer sheets can also be used for other purposes, making them a versatile household helper for all sorts of life hacks, as the following 10 examples prove.

10 Useful Uses For Dryer Cloths


Drill the bristles through the dryer cloth and slide it onto the brush of your brush. Now the cloth can do its job not only on your laundry, but also on your hair: Your hair will no longer electrostatically charge when brushing.

Especially in winter, when your hair is either standing on end or sticking flat on your head, this is extremely useful.

10 Useful Uses For Dryer Cloths


Put a folded towel in your shoes to dispel unpleasant odors.

10 Useful Uses For Dryer Cloths


That dryer sheets spread a pleasant fragrance, can also be used on trips. Simply put one of the cloths in your suitcase when you pack this. As a result, the clothes smell like freshly washed when you unpack them in the hotel again.

This is especially recommended if the case was not used for a long time and stood in the basement, where possibly unpleasant odors have rubbed off on him.

10 Useful Uses For Dryer Cloths

Vacuum cleaner

The air, which is sucked into the front of the vacuum cleaner, comes out back known. In order to provide the exiting air with a fresh aroma, put a drying cloth in the vacuum cleaner bag – this is best done directly at the bag change.

10 Useful Uses For Dryer Cloths

Drive out rodents

If you have problems with rodents in your house, put a few dryer cloths in the cracks and crevices where you suspect the plague ghosts. While this will not drive them off in the long term, at least in the short term the smell will scare them off.

10 Useful Uses For Dryer Cloths

Distribute insects

But with dryer sheets you do not only sell rodents but also insects. For example, lay these towels on your garden chairs or at the window. Alternatively, you can put a towel in your trouser pocket to keep mosquitos away from you during a walk or barbecue.

Deodorant for the cupboard

The following uses for dryer cloths may be quite obvious: place them in the closet between your garments so that they smell fresh even long after washing.

10 Useful Uses For Dryer Cloths

Remove deodorant stains

Maybe this has happened to you during the daily morning routine: you shower, wear deodorant and put on your T-shirt. When you look again, if everything is sitting, you will notice a white deodorant stain on your black shirt.

You can remove this deodorant stain by wiping over it with a drying cloth.

Remove pet hair

If you do not have a lint roller to hand, for example, to remove cat hair from your clothes, you can help yourself out with a drying cloth. Wipe over your dress or trousers and animal hairs will adhere to it due to the electrostatic properties of the dryer fabric.


For dusting a drier cloth is also suitable. Not only because in principle you could dust the shelves with any cloth, but because the dryer cloth magnetically attracts dust because of its electrostatic property.

So you can even use the dryer cloth as an alternative to the floor wiper if you run out of Swiffer wipes.

10 Useful Uses For Dryer Cloths

Probably not everyone will have a tumble dryer at home. Many prefer to hang their laundry after washing on a clothes horse. But as the tricks listed here have shown, buying a dryer cloth can be worthwhile even without a tumble dryer.