10 Practical Lifehacks For Shoes

There are many different types of shoes: men’s shoes made of leather, sneakers, pumps, sandals and many more. It is estimated that 20 billion pairs of shoes are produced annually and about 300 million pairs are discarded.

So that you enjoy your old or as little as possible problems with your new shoes for a longer time, you will find below 10 tips and tricks, so that they do not push or look like new again.

10 Practical Lifehacks For Shoes

#1 Sand the sole

Smooth surfaces can be a tightrope walk especially for women in high heels with their low tread or other shoes that are not slip-resistant – for example, because they have virtually no profile or their material does not provide it.

To counter this a little, it is advisable to buffle the sole by sanding the sole a little with sandpaper and make the shoe so non-slip.

10 Practical Lifehacks For Shoes

#2Hot glue on the sole

Another way to make shoes slip-resistant is to glue hot glue under the sole. Simply put a few lines of hot glue on the sole and let it dry. Of course, the lines can take patterns or shapes, such as wavy lines, or you write with hot glue your name on the sole.

10 Practical Lifehacks For Shoes

#3 core soap against bubbles

Because new shoes are often hard and inflexible, they rub on the skin in some places, causing blisters. To prevent this, rub in the appropriate places inside the shoe with a piece of soap. This makes the material more slippery and no longer rubs on the foot.

10 Practical Lifehacks For Shoes

#4 Velcro closure on pressing shoes

If new shoes are not worn or the shoe is generally a little tight and squeezes, not only can it cause blisters, it can also be uncomfortable to squeeze and rub on the heel, resulting in an unsightly sore spot above the hack.

Remedy provides self-adhesive Velcro tape. Glue a piece of the soft side of the Velcro strip to the point in the shoe where it presses on the heel. As a result, the shoe no longer rubs on the heel, which is instead well padded at this point.

10 Practical Lifehacks For Shoes

#5 Frozen water against too tight shoes

While the core soap and the Velcro fastener counteract primarily the symptoms – blisters or sore heels – frozen water helps against the actual cause: too tight a shoe.

Put a freezer bag up to the toe in the shoe, fill it with water and seal it airtight. There should be as little air between the water level and the closure as possible. Then place the shoe with the freezer bag in the freezer for a few hours. The water expands and widens the shoe.10 Practical Lifehacks For Shoes

#6 Deposit replacement

If you absolutely need insoles, but currently have no home, you can actually help out with bra insoles. These can be placed like insoles in the shoe to make you feel more comfortable in your shoes.

10 Practical Lifehacks For Shoes

#7 Loosen the fixed double knot

If a knot can not be loosened because it’s too tight, you do not need to despair or scissors at it. Just next to the knot you grab the shoelace and twist it into yourself. This makes him less flexible. Then slide the twisted shoelace into the knot to loosen it.

10 Practical Lifehacks For Shoes

#8 baking soda against squeaky shoes

If the shoes do not creak because of the outsole, but inside, it will be due to the moisture that has formed in the shoe. In this case cover the inside of the shoe gossamer with a layer of baking soda. Take any insoles out beforehand.

The baking powder binds the moisture and thus prevents the squeaking.

10 Practical Lifehacks For Shoes

#9 Leather belt as a shoehorn

A sturdy leather belt is also suitable as a replacement for a shoehorn. Put the punched end of the belt in the shoe and hold the end with the buckle. Now put your foot into the shoe and at the same time pull out the belt to slip into the shoe easily and comfortably.

10 Practical Lifehacks For Shoes

#10 Clean patent leather shoes with glass cleaner

Patent leather shoes look very elegant as long as they are so well-polished that they literally mirror in them. If you do not have the appropriate shoe care products ready for you, you can also clean your patent leather shoes with glass cleaner.

Spray the shoes with glass cleaner and then polish with a soft cloth. Like on a windowpane, the alcohol contained in the glass cleaner removes unsightly stains and streaks.

10 Practical Lifehacks For Shoes New shoes do not press anymore and old shoes look like new again – with these tips and tricks you should be well equipped for all eventualities around your shoes.