6 Possible Hints- Did Your Soul Experience A Rebirth?

Are you an old or a young soul? To answer this question, your biological age helps you relatively little. Because no matter if you are 20 or 70 years old: your soul can already be more than 100 years old, if it has ever lived. But how can you recognize that you are an old soul – assuming, of course, you believe in rebirth and esotericism?

6 Possible Hints- Did Your Soul Experience A Rebirth?

The following 6 signs reveal it:

You put little value on material.

While others at your age look for happiness above all in a big purse and the admiring glances of their fellow human beings, all this has little meaning for you. You know that with consumption and a lot of money in the bank you can never find your true happiness. You are more concerned with the little things in life. Already a beautiful sunrise or a nice word of a strange person can conjure up a smile on your lips. Non-material things like health, love, gratitude and happiness are your sources of happiness.

You need a lot of time for yourself.

Go to the disco every weekend? Not with you! You need a lot of time for yourself. You must therefore always be careful that you do not dissociate yourself from others too much and end up standing alone. In general, you do not enjoy the activities of peers. You often surround yourself with much older people because you feel much more understood by them. These share – in contrast to your peers – also your interests, such as sophisticated literature or art history.

You are aware of the transience of life.

6 Possible Hints- Did Your Soul Experience A Rebirth?

You know that you will not stay in this world forever. After all, you do not live – as an old soul – for the first time. That’s why you are aware that life is a precious gift. So thank you for every new day you can experience here on this earth. However, because old souls always keep in mind the transience of life, they are also more anxious. You are therefore more cautious and avoid risks as much as possible. To dare something new is not one of your strengths.

You are very sensitive.

Curse and blessing at the same time: Highly sensitive people are able to put themselves above average into others. If somebody tells you that he’s fine, even though that’s not true, you realize it immediately. Your high emotional intelligence makes you very popular with your fellow human beings, because they feel understood with you. You are generally a good listener. However, you should be careful that you respect your limits and keep an eye on your own well-being. Then your sensitivity can be a real treasure for you and others.

You stand out from the crowd.

6 Possible Hints- Did Your Soul Experience A Rebirth?

While others chase after the latest fashion trends, you remain true to your dress style. If your clothes suddenly happen to be in vogue, you’re intentionally wearing something else. Nothing is worse for you than being “normal”. You want to stand out from the crowd – and not just in the field of fashion: You always remain true to yourself and swim against the tide. What others think of you, you do not care. Old souls know that the pursuit of recognition does not make them happy.

You feel old.

Somehow, you always feel older than you actually are anyway. You lack lightness and curiosity. Instead, you are more doubtful and emanate from your mental fatigue aloofness on your fellow human beings. You should therefore often put on a smile and approach others, so they do not withdraw too much from you.

Did you recognize yourself? Old souls are generally very spiritual and like to deal with the supernatural. On the other hand, young souls are more oriented towards social norms and values ​​as well as current trends and topics. In addition, they are rather extroverted, curious and willing to take risks. One might therefore assume that the majority of people are young souls.