10 tricks to save on shopping.

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Maybe you know that too: As you throw after shopping in the supermarket, a look at the receipt and must be horrified to find that the planned weekly budget has already covered again, because you have bought far too many things that you strictly do not need , But this annoyance and other common mistakes during shopping can be easily avoided. The following ten tips tell you what to look for.

1 New goods

It can be helpful to know when your supermarket gets new goods delivered. So you have the opportunity to get fresh products and access to a wider selection on the shelves.

10 tricks to save on shopping.

2 Save food from the barrel

Not only to get fresh produce, it can be helpful to know when your supermarket is being supplied. Before the arrival of new goods, the old ones, whose expiration date is nearing expiration, are usually offered cheaper, before they are finally thrown away. Accessing here can be a cost effective alternative as most products are still edible even after the expiry date

10 tricks to save on shopping.

3 Packaged vegetables

Do not buy packaged vegetables with condensation already forming on the inside of the foil. This is a sign that the vegetables are no longer fresh. Decide rather for unpackaged vegetables from the fresh department.

10 tricks to save on shopping.

4 Do not just go outside

Do not rely on the appearance of the fruits when buying fruit, because this can be influenced by the breeding. Whether the fruit is good, you can make out most of the intense smell

10 tricks to save on shopping.

5 Shopping List

The supermarket is a place of seduction. In order not to fall for the tricks of the sales strategists, write a good old shopping list before. In the supermarket, you only have to apply the appropriate self-discipline and stick to your list.

10 tricks to save on shopping.
Grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner.

6 Stooping is worth it

Many of the supermarket seduction tricks are now widely known. For example, the fact that the most expensive products are offered at eye level. Accordingly, it may be worthwhile to look down to pick up cheaper offers here.

10 tricks to save on shopping.

7 House brands

At the bottom of the shelves are almost always the house brands. These are often qualitatively equivalent in comparison to the branded products or even the branded products themselves, only in a different packaging. Compared to the original can be saved with the supposed no-name products sometimes up to 70%.

10 tricks to save on shopping.

8 Pickled meat

In addition to the packaged vegetables, you should also, if possible, dispense with already pickled meat from the fridge, as this is often older. Instead buy fresh meat from the counter and marinate it yourself.

10 tricks to save on shopping.

9 Be full!

Do not go shopping hungry! Hunger entices you to buy more than you need, especially in terms of sweets. Eat a little something before you go to the supermarket.

10 tricks to save on shopping.

10 bag

Since plastic bags are no longer given out for free, you should always bring your own bags. So you not only save the environment by dispensing with plastic bags, but also your wallet because you do not have to buy new bags every time.

10 tricks to save on shopping.

Some of these proposals are not new, but have always been proven. With a small snack in the stomach and shopping list in hand, the next shopping should really only land in your car, what you really wanted to have before.

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