Use the correct e-mail address

A couple from Munich decided to spend a week in the South Seas to escape for a short time the icy cold winter in Germany. 
Because both were working, they had different departure dates. 
So it turned out that he left on Thursday and she followed him the next day. 
Arrived, as planned, the husband moved into the hotel room. He immediately took his laptop to e-mail his wife in Munich. Unfortunately, he left out a letter in her e-mail address and sent the message without noticing the mistake. 

In Hamburg just came a newly-widow from the funeral of her husband. 
A loyal civil servant who was ‘honorably called home’ by a heart attack.
In anticipation of sympathy from friends and acquaintances, she checked her emails. 
As she read the first message, she fell unconscious to the ground. 
The widow’s son hurried into the room, saw his mother lying on the floor and looked at the screen. 

To: My beloved wife 
From: Your now separate husband 
Subject: Arrived! 

“I’ve just arrived and checked in. 
I see that everything is well prepared for your arrival tomorrow, 
looking forward to seeing you! 
Hope your trip is as enjoyable as mine was 

PS: Damn hot down here ”