A guy is standing on the edge of the road

A guy is standing on the edge of the road in the middle of a very dark night while hitchhiking. At the same time a terrible storm is unleashed. Some time later no one stopped. The storm and the storm are so strong that it is impossible to see further than 3 meters in front of you. Suddenly he sees a car approaching slowly and stopping.
The guy without asking questions gets into the car and closes the door, when he turns around he realizes that there is nobody in the driver’s seat.
The car starts slowly, he sees that on the road there is a turn approaching, frightened, he begins to pray. The guy does not stop being surprised when just before arriving on the turn, the driver’s door opens and a hand enters to turn the steering wheel in the bend.
Paralyzed by his fear he clings with all his strength to his seat. He stays motionless and sees that the same thing happens every time there is a turn on the road.
The storm increases in strength, and the guy who has pulled out of the forces where he does not stay, gets out of the car and runs off to the nearest village, enters the bar, asks for two double tequilas and trembling begins to tell everyone what happened to him. About half an hour later arrive two guys completely soaked, looked exhausted and one said to the other:

  • Look there, it’s the asshole who got in the car while it was pushed !