Peaceful pre-Christmas time

Sunday, 1. Advent, 10.00 clock.
In the terraced housing estate Enkelstieg, the pensioner Erna B. can be installed by her grandson Norbert 3 electric candles on the windowsill of her living room.
Pre-Christmas mood spreads, the joy is great.

10am 14:
While emptying the trash can watched neighbor neighbor Ottfried P. provocative Christmas offensive in the neighboring house and countered immediately with the installation of the 10-armed Danish candle set of 15 watts in the kitchen window.
Hours later, the entire settlement Enkelstieg shines in the contemplative splendor of 134 window decorations.

19h 03:
In the coal power plant Sottrup-Höcklage, 14 km away, the engineer in charge erroneously registers a defect in the electricity meters for the Stenkelfeld-Nord area, but is at first innocent. 8:17

The spouses Horst and Heidi E. succeed in connecting a chain of 96 halogen film lights, through all the trees of their orchard, to the three-phase system.
Parts of the native birdlife start confused with the nest building.

8:56 pm:
Discotheque owner Alfonso K. feels compelled to contribute to the pre-Christmas atmosphere and mounted on the flat roof of his bungalow the laser ensemble “Metropolis”, one of the most powerful in Europe.
The 40m façade of an adjacent grain silo withstands the firing of the St. Nicholas projection for several minutes before crumbling with an ugly sound. 9:30

In the commotion of a Jul Club party at the Sottrup-Höcklage coal power station, the alarm signal goes off at Generator Hall 5. 9:50

The 85-year-old war veteran August R. conjures up the Star of Bethlehem with 190 “Varta Volkssturm” flashlights low-hanging cloud cover.

10:22 pm:
A group of Asian business people with light luggage and summer clothes are frightened by the settlement of Enkelstieg.
Previously, a Boeing 747 of the Singapore Airlines with the destination Sydney had accidentally landed in the paved with 3000 colorful neon lights garage entrance of the bakery Bröhrmeyer.

The NASA spacecraft Voyager 7 radiates from the edge of the Milky Way images of an alleged supernova in the northern hemisphere, the experts in Houston are at a loss. 10:50

A slight tremor shakes the surroundings of the Sottrup-Höcklage coal-fired power station. The entire complex with its 30 turbines runs at 350 megawatts roaring beyond the load limit. 23:06

In the brightly lit settlement Enkelstieg student Bettina U. awakens and is happy about the sunny December morning.
At exactly 11:23 pm, she operates the switch on her coffee machine. 23:12

and 14 seconds:
In the sudden darkness of the entire district Stenkelfeld breaks the explosion of the coal power plant Sottrup-Höcklage like Donnerhall.
Confused people are wandering through the pitch-black towns.
People like you and me, for whom a candle on the Advent wreath was not enough.