TIFU by accidentally attending an underage party – Funny Story

TIFU by accidentally attending an underage party, like a creep
Standard this happened about 10years ago etc.

I was 25 heading to a 21st for a girl from uni at her house (she was living with her parents). It was far from my house and i knew the street, so i just left home and when i got to the street i realised i didnt know the number and didnt have the invite. I messaged another friend to find out the address, but he didnt have it either.

There were only about 40 houses in the court, and it was pretty quiet, so i figured id just have a stroll and listen for music and a busy house.

Stroll up to the only house with any sound music going, 25 year old bloke, bottle of happy birthday vodka in hand and knock on the door. ‘Hi, im iamnotjacksnipples, im a friend of Stephs here for the birthday’.

Mum looks at me a bit confused but pleasantly welcomes me in, and walks me through the house, past a group of roughly 15 year old, family eying me uncertainly. I start thinking maybe thats just the younger cousins and the main party is out back. Takes me further through the house to her other daughters room, who coincidentally is named Steph. ‘Steph, your friend is here…’ as i round the corner into the doorway i look at this 17-18year old and my face drops, ‘i… dont know you’ i say awkwardly, then look at the mum desperately hoping i have not just become the biggest creep on the planet bringing vodka to a 15th birthday as a bloke in his mid 20’s.

Very fortunately i explained who i was and who i was looking for, and the lovely mum walked me down the street to the house i was meant to be at as she knew the family. I apologised profusely again, and thanked her for her help and understanding.

Tl;dr. i brought vodka to a 15 year old girls party that i wasnt invited to as a 25 year old man by mistake, but mother was really understanding and helped me get where i was meant to be.