shit happens

Mrs. Nowak’s dishwasher was broken, so she called the service man, who announced himself for the next morning. 

After having an important appointment that she could not postpone, she told him, 
“I’ll leave the key under the doormat, fix 
the dishwasher, and leave the bill at the kitchen table.” 
By the way, do not be afraid of my dog you will not harm you 
, but under no circumstances, under no circumstances may you speak to the parrot! ” 

When the service man arrived the next day, everything was as announced and indeed the dog, the biggest and most frightening one he ever saw, was quite peaceful, watching him quietly at work.
The parrot, on the other hand, threw nuts at him, shouted, scolded, and gave him the most evil expressions without interruption. 

Finally, the technician could not hold back and he shouted: 
“Shut up, you stupid ugly bird!” 

Whereupon the parrot replied: 
“Barrel, Pluto!”