The Trabbi

If a Mercedes driver comes to a parking lot and meets a Trabbi driver.
Asks the Trabbi driver:
“Would you like to have a coffee?”
The Benz driver says:
“What, you have a coffee machine installed in your Trabbi?”
“Of course, everything as standard!”
The Benz driver can not believe that and they agree to meet again in 2 weeks.

After two weeks, the Benz driver asks:
“Do you want a coffee from me?”
“Oh no,” says the trot driver, “I prefer to drink cappuccino today!”
“That does not exist,” says the Benz driver, “I have a car for more than 50,000 euros and still less extras like the Trabbi!”

After two weeks now the Benz driver goes to the Trabbi and knocks on the glass.
Everything misted.
He asks,
“Do you want a cappuccino from me?”
“Wait,” says the Trabbi driver, “I’m just taking a shower!”