9 tips and lifehacks around the car.

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Practice creates masters. It takes time until you can practice an activity naturally and routinely and until you know about all the little tricks around it. This is no different when driving a car. Below are 10 tips and tricks for the car that even some “old hands” may not yet know.

1st tennis ball

Using a cord, dangle a tennis ball from the ceiling of your garage to determine the ideal position when parking. Hang the ball so that it touches the windshield as soon as you reach the wall with the bumper. A lifehack that protects against scuffs.

9 tips and lifehacks around the car.

2 cup holder

To store small items better and to handle soiling better, put a muffin paper case (alternatively a silicone mold) in your cup holder. Instead of having to troublesomely clean the cup holder, you can easily replace the muffin tray.

9 tips and lifehacks around the car.

3 Nail polish

Small scratches in the car paint can be concealed with standard nail polish. Choose nail polish in the color of your car, apply it to the scratch and polish the spot once the nail polish has dried.

9 tips and lifehacks around the car.

4th jump in the windshield

With small cracks in the windshield, there is a risk that it suddenly breaks completely when driving over bumps. But you can prevent that with the help of colorless nail polish. Apply two or three layers to the small crack to prevent it from growing. Nonetheless, you should soon consider replacing the disc.

5 bay leaves

If you have a long journey ahead of you, but you feel lethargic or nervous, put a bay leaf under your tongue. The active ingredients of the laurel calm your stomach and your nerves.

9 tips and lifehacks around the car.

6 Lemon

To wake you up in the short term, put a piece of lemon under your tongue. It will have an invigorating effect. Of course, this tip should not encourage you to drive a sleepy car. Safety first; Never drive a car when you’re tired, but rather take a break instead.

9 tips and lifehacks around the car.

7 Glasses

If you do not know where to put your sunglasses, you can hang them on a clothespin that you attach to the sun visor. Alternatively you can of course with the clothespin parking tickets or similar. Clamp.

9 tips and lifehacks around the car.

8 Steering wheel

If you park your car directly in the sun, not only does the interior heat up, but over time the steering wheel may get so hot that you can not touch it anymore because of direct sunlight. To prevent this, simply turn the steering wheel 180 ° before leaving the car. So only the surface that you do not need to touch when driving heats up so much.

9 tips and lifehacks around the car.

9 Fuel gauge

If you have not had the car you are driving for a long time, you’ll soon forget which side of the car the fuel filler neck is on. But this question can be answered quickly with a look at the fuel gauge, because many cars have a small arrow next to the dispenser icon to indicate whether the filler neck is on the left or right.

9 tips and lifehacks around the car.

In particular, the trick with the tennis ball was helpful for novice drivers who still have difficulties to estimate the dimensions of their car properly. But the other tips can prove useful in everyday life – for both young and experienced.

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