What kind of tree is it

There are two trees in the forest, a beech and a birch and one day, they notice a small tree has sprouted up in between them. The birch says,

“Man, that really looks like a son of a beech!” The beech retorts, “No way! That’s gotta be a son of a birch!” So, they start arguing back and forth. “Son of a beech!” “Son of a birch!”

Eventually, a woodpecker flies by and hears the two trees fighting and he asks the two trees what’s wrong and what are they are fighting about.

The trees explain to the woodpecker that they can’t tell if the small tree that sprouted between them is a son of a beech or if it’s a son of a birch.

The woodpecker decides he will settle their argument, once and for all, tells the tree he will be right back, then flies down to the small tree to check it out.

Meanwhile, the beech and birch continue to argue.

After a while, the wood pecker returns to the two tree and says, “Guys, I’ve got some news for you. It’s not a son of a beech.”

The beech tree sighs in relief.

The woodpecker continues, “And it’s not a son of birch, either!”

To which the birch replied, “Thank goodness! What is it, then?”

The woodpecker blushes and answers, “Well, it’s the finest piece of ash that I’ve ever stuck my pecker into.”